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Aircon Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, 
Disinfection & Fogging, Plumbing services, Handyman Services 

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Additional Servics


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Aircon Cleaning

Aircon servicing are important as Singapore is generally hot and humid all year-round. Aircon servicing prolong the lifespan of your aircon unit, keep indoor air clean and healthy, prevent water leakage, and make your unit more efficient.

General Servicing
One unit (c/w Condenser) from $60 

Chemical Wash

One unit without dismantle from $80

Chemical Overhaul

One unit with dismantle from $120

Gas Top Up
R22 $60 -$90
R410 $70 - $120

* Exact quotation given after consultation
Fixing Air Conditioner
Ironing with Garment Steamer

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains beautify spaces, provide privacy, keep the room cool, block out light and dampen sound. However they can also trap dust, dirt and obour, resulting in a poor overall look and feel to  your house or office. We provide several choices of curtain cleaning to suit your needs; on-site cleaning, dry cleaning with dismantling and installation or pick up and drop off only.

On-Site Curtain Steam Cleaning
From $180

Dry Cleaning

Day Curtain $15/piece
Night/Black out Curtain $15/kg

Pick up and drop off only

Day Curtain  $12/piece
Night/Black out Curtain $12kg

* Exact quotation given after consultation

Carpet cleaning

Carpet is now part of modern office settings. It is often overlooked, but maintaining a good carpet is one of the essentials of having a healthy and pleasant work environment. Keeping the carpet looking clean and fresh not only improve productivity but a better image of the house & company.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
>599sqft $0.50psf

600sqft - 1100sqft $0.35psf
1101sqft - 2000sqft $0.30psf

2001sqft - 4000sqft $0.25psf

<4000sqft on site quote

On-Site Rug Cleaning

From $120

Pick up and drop off only

From $140

* Exact quotation given after consultation
Vacuuming Couch

upholstery Cleaning

We spend most of our time sitting on an office chair and close to 8 hours on our comfortable mattress. We will definitely hope that it is completely free of stains, germs and dust mites. However, they can be a breeding ground for microscopic contaminants resulting in allergy reactions such as rashes, sinus or respiratory illnesses. Upholstery cleaning will solve all the problems and create a healthier environment for you and your love ones.

Sofa Cleaning

Single Seater Sofa $50
2 Seater Sofa $100
3 Seater Sofa $150
Mattress Cleaning
Super Single/Single Mattress $60
Queen/King Mattress $100
Super King Mattess $120

* Exact quotation given after consultation

Sanitisation & Disinfection

The importance of taking precautions to protect ourselves, families and co-workers from any bacteria or viruses is crucial. Taking the extra step to prevent the virus from spreading is necessary in keeping your love one safe and healthy. Our fogging process will reach remote spots and kill 99% germs.

Basic Prevention Service 

From $250

Suspected/Confirmed Service

From $300 

* Exact quotation given after consultation
Sanitizing Elevator

Plumbing services

Be it a leaking faucet or clogged sinks. a plumbing emergency will occur when you least expect it. We offer very nominal pricing and regular servicing that can help you prevent any plumbing issues that can emerge. 

Replace leaking parts 

Clearing any chokage
Install Towel bowl Seat 

Install shower set

From $50

* Exact quotation given after consultation

Handyman services

From home maintenance and repairs to commercial projects, there is always a solution to all problems. Be it a replacement of door knobs to assembling a furniture. You can always count on us to arrive there to be equipped with the tools needed to get the work done.

Replace Door Knobs/Hinges

Install Pictures/Shelves
Install Mirrors/Blinds
Install Wall-mounted Fan

Install TV Bracket
Assemble Furniture


From $50

* Exact quotation given after consultation
Handyman Tool Belt
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